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Interesting EFL safety statement on the OS

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With over 20m supporters attending EFL fixtures this season, there have been occasions where supporters have required medical treatment during a match.

The health and safety of everybody attending matches at Hillsborough is of paramount importance, so fans can be reassured that we have a Matchday Medical Plan with dedicated crowd medical teams inside the stadium ready to assist at any point during the game.


If a supporter becomes unwell at Hillsborough and requires medical assistance, we strongly advise that the nearest steward is made aware who will ensure that the crowd medical team is notified and that appropriate care is provided.

It is important to note that the responsibilities of the crowd medical teams are separate to club medical support teams for players.

This season, a number of EFL matches have been paused while medical treatment has been provided to supporters. On several occasions, the usual Matchday Medical Plan has been bypassed with members of the clubs’ on-pitch medical teams called in to assist.

Supporters are asked not to alert players or staff on the pitch as in most cases the crowd medical team will be able to provide medical care as the match continues.

Should a situation arise where there is a need for the match to be halted, a decision will be taken between the crowd medical team, the ground safety team and the match officials with the information relayed to supporters.

This is in line with the briefing note produced by National Events Medicine Advisory Group (NEMAG) in conjunction with the Sports Grounds Safety Authority’s (SGSA) and football authorities.

Again, it is important to remember that if you have any concerns or need assistance while at the match, then please notify your nearest steward.

Thank you for your cooperation.



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