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When things are sh*t...


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Having a run of what feels like godawful luck at the moment, one thing after another, for the past few months. But I won't go over them.... 

There's been flu / viral infection flying around the house for the best part of a week, everyone's had it, kids have been mardy because of it, the missis has really been ill with it the last few days. Needed some new front tyres on my car the other day day, got 2 fitted, oh, mate your wheels need realigning too... I ask, is it really bad? He just looked at me gone out.... No reply. Awkward silence... How much is it? Extra £65... Oh just f**king do it then. (I didn't swear at him but that's what I thought)

I did about 70 miles in the car on Friday. Not used it since. 

This morning, get up to take the lad to play his footy, drivers side front tyre, one of the brand new ones. Flat as a fart. I nick the missis' car to take the lad to footy. Thankfully, he won, and played well...I thought, I'll have to sort it when I get back...

I can't go out to get it sorted because the missis is comatose upstairs in bed with this bloody virus and I've got the kids to keep an eye on. And I'm busy all week, so can't get home to take the car to be sorted till at least Saturday.

Just f**k off. Things can just get f**ked right off. 
Right, that's that off my chest. That feels better.  🤣

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On 25/09/2023 at 09:10, Otto_Man said:

You'll get there mate, four most important words I ever learnt

This too shall pass.

Just a note of caution mind, it applies equally to the good times as the bad

Thanks mate. I know it will, I just needed a rant. We've all been there I think haven't we when the fan and the shit continue to meet a little too regular for our liking! It's a little better this week...A little. So it maybe missing the fan by the weekend!

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Father in law had his front door smashed in at 1am this morning, attacked with a baseball bat, he tried fighting back but they've taken his car keys and his car. Thankfully he'd got an AirTag in it, thanks to that, the feds have found the car, it was parked up in Donny next to a car dealership. 

It's his motability car..

What's the world come to?! Cowardly bastards attacking a vulnerable old(ish) bloke.

Thankfully he's got away pretty lightly, he's been left with a pretty substantial graze on his arm but he's ok.

C**ts. Absolute c**ts.


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