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Interesting comments from Bannan

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On Xisco's training...

"The tempo in training has gone up a few notches from last season which is obviously Xisco's style. It's short and sharp and really intense, so you're not out there for long. It's really detailed as well. It is different to last season and when change comes in you can either be afraid of it or you can take it on and enjoy it and embrace it and I think that's what the boys have done."

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Basically, almost everything in and around our football team is changing. It's one hell of a thing to do all at once, especially now we've kicked off. I've got my fingers crossed that in a few weeks time the team suddenly emerges like a new butterfly: complete and gorgeous.  

Until then, get yer tin helmet on!  

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Short, sharp, and intense is the Italian, Spanish, Portuguese way of training because it fits with the playing style and the heat. But its not conducive to the relentless EFL game. You don't get marathon runners doing regular short burst intensive training. 

when Munoz took over at Watford the hard yards pre season had already been done and by October all players should still have been in the 95% green zone. 

it would be interesting to see the saturation charts at the end of the last two games and see last season's players against the new signings

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