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Has anyone else noticed

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Wednesday Auditors BHP Resigned in Aug 22 citing the reason  " The person with all the expertise in doing the Audit has now retired and they have no one else . I find this a bit bizarre as they are part of a nationwide group and are ranked 37th in the country . Though having had dealings with them I wouldn't put them at 237

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Yep had seen that last time I checked out Companies House.

Probably does not surprise me in general terms because auditing is a grim task though as you say for one that is high up the list of firms its a surprise they have no succession plan. 

Maybe just the Sheffield office where its the case.

Tbh given the controversy of the stadium sale accounting and it basically been pulled apart by an expert in the EFL hearings, then you wonder if there is some sort of regulatory review arising or has arisen.

I gave up several years ago, my only regret is not doing it years before I did 

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4 hours ago, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

Tbf they resigned in November and the Club could file that directly.

We have a few clients that do stuff themselves. Well until they mess up or forget then we get to do it.

You may end up doing the audit !

Not sure our PI policy could take it

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51 minutes ago, lobster said:

It's called a different interpretation of facts

I remember always defending the stadium sale on Stalk - that it could be recognised accounting wise way before the land registry docs were filed. 

then when you read the techy bits of the EFL investigation about the actual evidence there was

There is interpretation and there is erm interpretation that result in a Prior year adjustment 


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