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Arsenal striker and ex Owl loanee

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Unfortunately that's the curse of modern training when your body is still developing. You can get the rehab prescribed but then you're straight back out doing the same thing that may have caused it in the first place. This is especially prevalent when u20s with prior injury history are sent out on loan into a lower league first team environment. If that club is part paying wages then they want a return on what they're paying and the medical resource not be as good. 

He'd be better off taking a full year out and almost starting again. He's got to be realistic and see that Arsenal won't extend his current contract and he'll be lucky to find a L1/L2 team willing to take the gamble with his injury record. Take a year out at the end of his contract then, if he's still got the appetite for it, come back up through the lower leagues. If he's fully fit then a club will take him in the hope of making money on him. 

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