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The don't do but might die match threads

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Given the significance of tonight's games and our lot watching from their Shackleton armchairs.

Simple equation time now of Ipswich and Plymouth needing 2 victories from the last 3 games to knock us out of contention. No guarantees in football but can't see Plymouth messing up tonight. As we found Bristol Rovers can play a bit, it is a derby of sorts. Though to give context its about the same distance between those 2 cities, as it is from Sheffield to MK. 

The Barnsley v Ipswich game was always the curveball. I just think the way Ipswich brushed aside Peterborough that they will have too much. Perhaps if the Dingles score first.

Either way not a lot we can do. Tonight should have been about the curiosity of who might join us in promotion, not results that basically eliminate us from automatic

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It’s not over. 
Let’s have a draw or loss for Ipswich. Because of their goal difference advantage we need to overhaul them by winning anyway. 
As for Plymouth.

well. Nobody saw them losing a few weeks ago when they did, much like no one saw us losing or not winning the division.


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