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4 wins Fellas, don't let this season haunt you


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That should be what DM is saying to the squad.

Looking at the fixtures....

Ipswich have a harder run in than the other top 4 and and draw with the dingles may be a right result. And they go to Peterborough. Plymouth looks similar to ours so to speak. 

I'd like 4 consecutive wins and take the final game out of the equation.

Within the club that HAS to be the message. Dennis getting his 2 today could be pivatol, he ll hopefully kick on now with some confidence, he's a player that needs that.

I just hope and to be fair expect that DM and his team want autos and most importantly the players too.

4 wins is 96 points, in any other season it's enough but it's still out of our control.

Yet any number of points does it, buckle up fellas.






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I think 93pts might just be enough. Plymouth will probably need to get 94pts, given the GD at present, they’ve also got Exeter next who you might think will be well up for it and so will there fans. If they lose and we can beat Burton the tables will have turned - at least until the next round of games!
Ipswich are capable of beating Barnsley and Pboro but I somehow can’t see them winning all their games to the end of the season but I agree with the bookies they look like favourites of the title.

So finish ahead of Plymouth and we’ll be promoted. I’ve a feeling also that the Shrewsbury weekend could be pivotal for us, in that we win and go into the final weekend essentially needing a win to be certain but potentially a draw could be enough. It’s certainly intriguing as to how it’s going to shake out.

Lets hope Windass is available for some of it and we don’t get any more injuries.

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