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Steven Fletcher talks….

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10 hours ago, owl71 said:

First leg and second leg?  He’s right though, that was the season we should’ve gone up.

I remember folk round us being stunned Carlos took Fletcher off in the 2nd leg when we were 1up, that decision was baffling to say the very least, it's the small things that can disrupt the teams rythm.

Just my opinion but he stays on & we go onto win that game, best chance Wednesday had in years to reach the PL & we blew it.

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49 minutes ago, HoylandOwl said:

Seen quite a few online in reaction to that article with people saying he couldn’t be arsed to play and feigned injury. 
I seem to recall a bit of that going around at the time too, but I can’t recall thinking the same.

I thought that was in his last league game. 

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Good player for us when fit, but struggled with injuries then when we needed him he didn't want to risk injury again to prevent his next move.

He made a lot of money from us and we didn't really see a return on the investment. Part of the problem we are still paying for.

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