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Guiseley are not after our youth coach…

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Guiseley are my local club, so I can help out here and save people getting grumpy about clicking the Star link.

The link basically says Guiseley would quite like Holdsworth but it won't happen. To further confuse things, I watched Otley Town 2nd's win their cup final on penalties at Guiseley's Nethermoor ground on Sunday, against Rawdon Old Boys. The highlight was when an Otley sub, about 40 or so, was outpaced over 5 yards when clean through on goal, despite having a 5 yard head start. Most people in the crowd bemoaned the fact they weren't playing in his place, and got a bit melancholic about their own playing careers. Otley Town are really my local club, as that's where I live, but Guiseley have always been higher up in the pyramid. They play in white though, which reminds me of those Leeds *****, so I can't fully get behind them. Although they did have a mad spell in the 90s, when they beat Gresley 4-3 at Wembley in the FA Vase Final, and won a replay the following season at the Pigs ground. Otley play in a tangarine Orange, it's a pretty shit kit. I represented the Vets side in a 30 minute cameo last season when half of their squad were injured / still pissed from the night before, but on the left of a back 3. I'm right footed and tend to want to play on the wing where I can't get too much in the way. It's just struck me, I was used in a similar way as Moore has used Johnson at times this season. I literally had no idea what I was doing, unlike Johnson who has generally looked alright there. 

Guiseley are currently bottom of the league and in a bit of a mess, much to the delight of my Boston United supporting mate.

Hope that clears it up. 


Edit: just to be clear, the ***** after 'Leeds' said 'c u n t s'.

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