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New community pitch unveiled by SWFC's Community arm


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16 minutes ago, holmesfield_owl said:

Can't have anything without some dickhead spoiling things 

There is a strange mentality, people complain that their town is a shit hole with crap facilities and then will cause criminal damage to anything new. The ski slope which should have always been a stand out facility for Sheffield being a prime example

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2 hours ago, Dronowl66 said:

Having watched my Granddaughter play on here twice for Wednesday this is absolutely disgusting news , all that bleedin effort folk have put in to get it open and some pond life does this . Wish I could have five minutes with the little c...s in a locked room , and there f...n parents ......... apologies for the language  

There’s a high probably the parents ain’t got a clue

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2 hours ago, Dronowl66 said:

Its an equally large assumption that its something to do with tribal loyalties with us and United , this could quite easily be one of ours doing it for "bants" 

More likely some youth with no allegiances has stolen a car and set it alight to destroy evidence.

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