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Automatic promotion - is it now two from four?

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Is it two from Wigan, MK, Rotherham and Plymouth?

At just five points behind I think Plymouth will surely be thinking they’re still in it.

Who do you want to go up, from both a personal choice, and from a benefitting Wednesday point of view.

For me it would be Wigan and Plymouth from a personal choice, but perhaps Rotherham and Plymouth from a benefitting Wednesday point of view.

From the personal aspect, no way do I ever want MK to progress, and I can’t stand Rotherham, and it would be hilarious if they missed out after looking nailed on for so long.

Re from a what’s best for Wednesday perspective- Rotherham’s luck seems to have deserted them a little in recent weeks, they now seem to be getting the results their performances deserve rather than keep spawning wins - although it appears they did manage that in the Pizza final - but I just don’t fancy facing them over two legs with a passionate backing from them. I’d be happy to face them in the final though - I’d fancy us for that. Plymouth - I think the fact that we’ve lost twice down there would play heavy on our minds.

Wigan and MK wouldn’t travel in numbers for the Hillsborough leg (or would they?), so I could see us with a rampant crowd behind us getting good results against either.

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