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Chansiri's new approach....


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Is a real positive, according to our former player/coach/interim manager Lee Bullen.

Chansiri has had stick from plenty of us for his approach over the years, while it was nice to have a change of throwing cash at it and hoping the Premier League happened for a short while. It obviously had lasting effects. It's took DC a while, but bully's not wrong on this one. 

The approach, while a season or so ago things were a little enforced due to the transfer umbongo, has been much more sensible. The appointment of Liam Dooley seems to have had a real positive effect and steps seem to have been made to right previous wrongs. For me, the getting rid of 23440000 pricing structures per game was one for a start!

What's changed for you? Or hasn't it? Are things just as bad? 

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The one thing DC still hasn't got right is the staffing at Hillsborough. 

He's got part of it right by bringing Dooley in and the club has come in leaps from where it was but he still needs to install a DoF or someone similar to look after the football side of things. 

A DoF would be pulling Moore in and asking the right questions about the last three games. Chansiri might ask Moore questions but probably won't have a clue if what he's being told is right. And he'll keep trusting Moore because of those answers and where we are in the table. 

Mandaric knew how to run a club, could tell when it was possibly going tits up and that's why he ditched Megson for Jones. Chansiri doesn't have that knowledge so he needs to install someone who does in order to protect his investment 

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It’s not just the last three games.

We haven’t looked right since the Burton game. And had a last 15 minutes shambles. That’s eight games. Perhaps Southampton wasn’t so bad, but none of the rest have been convincing.

Coincidentally(?) Byers’ last appearance was as a second half sub against Burton.

We’ve needed a DoF since Chansiri took over and he had his short lived committee. I thought the original plan (as rumoured) was for Carlos as DoF and Cooper or AN Other as head coach.


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