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It’s hitting the fan at Juve..


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Even in their current financial plight I'd still bet on Juve having deep enough pockets to fight off any FFP charge. UEFA set their stall out with lack of action against Barca, PSG, Gity Group, etc. 

And who'd be the tax man to bring down the 'old lady of football' or the 'girlfriend of Italy' depending on which nickname you want to use. 

A new board will come in, deals will done, and they might do a season in Serie B as a penance. Then 5 years later they'll be in the same predicament. 

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5 hours ago, lobster said:

Criminal Investigation rather than anything by UEFA, something to do with player registrations . Plus they lost something in the region of 249 Million euros .

Another nail in the coffin of the european super league as Agnelli was one of the main forces behind it

I don’t think it’ll have too big an effect on that, the money men behind it will still push on regardless. 

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