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  1. I understand DC had said it’s because people delay buying without a deadline. whilst I disagree with that principle, it can work. Eg say kop, £400 during February phase 1. Goes to £450 up to end of season. By then you risk losing your precious season. £480 from that point on etc.
  2. £250-300?? Where have I ever said that? im literally talking about reasonable prices in line with other clubs
  3. The criticisms from 2017 are for various self-inflicting and totally avoidable problems and issues. surely you can’t disagree that reasonable post phase 1 prices (especially post end of season etc) would lead to increased sales? Do you disagree that a fair number would now want to buy based on the recent positivity/surivical/rohl contract but can’t / won’t due to current prices?
  4. You may not care about those clubs, or other clubs. Just examples though that fan bases and attendances can increase. Clubs around us do compete, whilst having fairer prices. Surely the question is why are our prices so much higher than our competitors. And why, especially over summer months do we employ pricing tactics where it literally seems like we’re purposely trying to avoid selling them. re proof of priced out - it’s common place discussion, unless you’re saying people are lying. Just comparing ticket prices versus average income is surely a pretty good gage too. not who standing affordability you’ve also got a section, who can afford it but will refuse to now because of prices and the principle of it
  5. 100% rather people be able to afford to go if it means we have a lower wage budget. If it takes the fans being ripped off to get a competitive budget it would seem something must be wrong elsewhere.
  6. Like has been said above by others; historical attendances are largely irrelevant. Football is totally different 2024. Look at the changes in crowds at Huddersfield, Bristol, Hull etc. We know a section is priced out. And we know many would attend if it was affordable. I’m not talking cheap tickets, just reasonable prices compared to our competitors. Seems to make logical sense that if that was done we’d sell more.
  7. I also have no idea if more fans would have renewed if there was no 1867. People can make their own decisions and they’ve never criticised anyone for buying tickets.
  8. How are fans benefitting here? Summer prices are so absurd that you imagine extremely few buy them. And the club barely sells any more. People are being either ripped off or priced out. And where is the correlation between high prices and signing better players in recent years? Me personally I’d honestly rather reasonable prices and a lower budget if that’s what it’s really come to.
  9. Facts? It’s a debate / discussion, there’s no facts. to me it would seem fairly obvious that a good ticket campaign and reasonable prices would lead to greater sales and supporter engagement. clearly you disagree. Which is fine; I personally just don’t understand the logic
  10. Fancy providing some context to that? if we’ve sold good numbers, great! It’s a good thing. I don’t like the prices and how it’s done but if the support is still good then that’s a positive. as you know (and purposely ignored) the context of my comments was about the current and recent prices and how we don’t take advantage of positivity and fail to carry on the momentum. Especially over the summer period. I said how over the summer (and various times since phase 1) that no doubt we have the opportunity to attract new season ticket holders and potentially get returning fans, but that the prices are absurd and drive fans away. The main point being who benefits from current prices and constant increases? People won’t be buying when they would if prices remained reasonable. Maybe some will still buy but if they are those prices for championship football are appalling and the principle of it is plain wrong. you may scoff at the suggestion that I think we can sell 30k sts (yes i know it’s max 27-28); but when you consider the huge levels of increases of various other clubs at this level, who have good pricing, then I don’t see why it’s not achievable. We sold 22k ish last season even with the wasted opportunity over last summer. With the recent survival and DR positivity, a decent ticket campaign and reasonable prices would surely manage to retain current numbers and find another 5-6k. Sounds feasible to me.
  11. the usual telling people what they think
  12. Star reporting that initial discussions between DC and DR have been positive which is good news
  13. You tell me - he's the one that openly said in statements re not considering selling but I think it's pretty common knowledge re the meetings Information to the prospective parties in said meetings Genuine buyers Guess that's up to him - the longer he stays the bigger loss it's going to be really
  14. I know you may disagree with the points but lets be right you know what the points and reasons are by now. It would take ages to write them all out again and I can't really see any benefit from that.
  15. No interest in responding to your posts / comments Reesh tbh. Not going to even try and engage. I get more sensible dialogue from my 2 year old. At least the majority on here can be civil whilst disagreeing
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