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Hi. I hope it's ok to post thios here. I was looking for a mod to check but couldn't see any. 

Through my job, I have been working with a family. Dad (Perez) is a naturalized British citizen, originally from Uganda, raising his 2 children (aged 3 and 4) on his own as mum, Gloria, is still in Uganda. Dad is isolated and extremely ill and was recently hospitalised due to having a stroke. He relies on friends for childcare when he is ill but this is clearly unsustainable; he rang me last week in tears as he felt so weak but was unable to call an ambulance as he had no-one to look after the children. I really worry about what will happen to them when he is next needing to stay in hospital.

Perez has known for a while that he needs to have a couple of operations. He has been delaying these as he needs to prioritise his children's care but was told on Tuesday that if he delays this any further, he is jeopardising his long-term health and risks becoming paralysed. If he opts to have this operation (as the specialist is urging) his children will need to be placed in emergency foster care. They are already missing their mum teribly and are waking up in the middle of the night screaming as they have nightmares about dad not being there when they wake up.

He and the children really need Gloria here and she is desperate to be with them. Unfortunately, there is no way they can afford to pay the (approx) £3,500 for the visa and associated fees. Dad is receiving help from a charity to apply for a visa waiver but this is a very lengthy process and we don't really have the luxury of waiting the many months it could take.  So, I'm trying to raise the money to pay for the visa. I genuinely feel that there is no other option if the children are not to suffer emotional harm and Perez is to get the medical help he needs. 

Here it is:https://gofund.me/1f2872e8

My plan is to try and get this on all 92 clubs' forums. I quite like the idea of reuniting the family and explaining to a woman from Uganda that it was the football fans what done it.

I know times are tough and finances are stretched but if any of you could possibly contribute to the fund, it would be enormously appreciated. If you can share across social media or other forums you use, that would be brilliant too. If anyone knows of any charities or organisations that may be able to help, please let me know. If anyone is wary of these kinds of thing, please feel free to DM me and I can provide details to reassure you that it is genuine.

Thanks in advance.

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