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Danny Cowley on loan contracts


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Danny Cowley just been on Hawksbee and Jacobs talking loan contracts and the provisos that sometimes come with them. 

A good listen but the main points were...

Some academies set their players up to fail as they don't prepare them for life in lower leagues so when they send them out. From the changing rooms, style of training, the actual games, and the food on offer. 

He believes that if a club work wonders with a loanee and the parent club then sell that player off the back of the loan then the loaning club should be compensated for the work they put in. He cited Gavin Bazunu as an example. Lost his place at Rochdale as they were relegated. Man City sent him to Portsmouth, was outstanding and City sold him straight to Southampton for £14m but Cowley says it was all down to the work they put in with him. 

Playing time written into loan contracts can be a nightmare but he used a really interesting example. He had Emile Smith-Rowe at Huddersfield but Arsenal said he was only allowed to play for a max of 150 mins every 6 days. So if he played 90 on Saturday then they had to sub him on 60 mins in midweek and the Huddersfield fans would go mental that he was being subbed.

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