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Broadband & Mesh System Help Please


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Hiya Guys

Sorry for the long post, i need some input on this.

Does anybody have any decent knowledge about Broadband Suppliers (I will be moving on to Routers & Mesh systems later)?

Ditching Sky broadband any day now, i am currently on their FTTP Ultrafast Plus.

I have looked at loads & loads of different options but it is screwing up my mind (More than usual).

I think i have narrowed it down to...

1st - Pine Media - With a "Plume" Router & the option of "Whole House Plume Pods" which is their own mesh like system.

2nd  - Cuckoo (but going off them as they have been bought out by Giganet & feel they will now lose their good standing) - With a "Technicolour WiFi DWA0122" Router.


The questions i have (silly or not, here they come) are probably very similar for both, so here goes...

Pine Media, based in Sheffield with a good reputation on Trustpilot is my 1st choice

1) Do any "experts" think this is a good choice?

2) I don't really want to pay monthly for their mesh system, i would rather buy my own system, i think buying is the best option but would like to hear if anybody thinks opposite.

3) Would i have to use their Router or could i just buy a Mesh system and use that, looking at the "Asus XT8"

3a) If i buy the "Asus XT8" could i just plug into the ONT i already have & it work straight away, or would i need to still plug into the provided Router & disable the WiFi on that.


I think that is enough to process at the minute 😄


Anybody's help greatly appreciated






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Thanks for the info pal

I'll consider it. 

Not fussed about the kids bit, there won't be any kids using it unsupervised. 

But I have noticed that some mesh system makers charge extra for this. 




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