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Rate the Players / Just Got Home

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Mentioned to Hoyland that I would be up for posting this up each week, particularly next season when I would keep records of the results etc. 

I'm not going to do ratings, as I only listened on the radio today. Would be good to get a few in though. 

Will include Moore, the fans and an overall team rating as well. Ideally include a 'player of the game' poll as well when I've figured it out. 


Ratings Guide:

1 Gash

2 Guff

3 God damn awful

4 Give it up

5 Give you that but put a bit more in next time sunshine

6 Good

7 Grand

8 Great

9 Goodness me, excellent

10 Go on lad


Here's the template:

Bailey Peacock-Farrell 

Jordan Storey

Harlee Dean 

Sam Hutchinson 

Jack Hunt

George Byers 

Massimo Luongo 

Barry Bannan 

Marvin Johnson

Nathaniel Mendez-Laing 

Lee Gregory 



Saido Berahino (62)

Callum Paterson (62)


The Ref: 

Darren Moore:





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