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Do You Think Sheffield's Identity Has Changed?


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As a resident of Sheffield for the past two years, and a final year Architecture student, I am interested how the local community has viewed the changes occurring in the city over the past 5 decades. My dissertation focuses around this shift in the idea of place, and has lead me to question if this sense of identity still remains in a post industrial city. Any relevant discussion on some or all of the following points would be helpful to me, as I want to gauge an honest community opinion of Sheffield and its architecture...


1. How would you describe the identity of Sheffield in 3 words?

2. Do you feel neglected by new developments in the city?

3. What key buildings and spaces do you think give Sheffield its identity?

4. Do you feel connected to the city? Why? (This can be thought of as an emotional connection or physical one)


Thank you!

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1. Doesn't have one

2. I wouldn't say neglected, more apathetic. I won't utilise them

3. Hillsborough, the piggery and the crucible. Don't get me wrong there are lots of lovely buildings in the city, but none of them provide an identity or are intrinsically linked to the city in the way that, say, the crooked spire is to Chesterfield 

4. Nope

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