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  1. I have two spare adult tickets for Ipswich, March 16th . I can't travel to Ipswich, but I can hand them on in Sheffield at any time up to Friday night. They are both in Block V2 , Row U , Upper Tier , seats U9 & U18 .
  2. I have two spare adult away end tickets for the Barnsley game on March 21st. They are not together. One is in Block NS1 in Row BB. The other is in Block NS4 in Row PP. Each one cost £23 + £1 swfc postage . £48 for the pair.
  3. Tickets that have been allocated to a buyer have to be paid for within a certain timeframe. If not, they become available again.
  4. The spare Charlton ticket I posted about yesterday has now been taken by an Owlsonline member .
  5. I have one spare adult away end ticket for the Charlton game on February 25th. It's in the South (Jimmy Seed) stand , Row F . Face value. £23 . I can meet in Sheffield to hand the ticket over. I can't deliver it in Charlton on the day.
  6. I have one spare adult ticket for Wycombe. It's in the Frank Adams stand, which is along the side of the pitch. The ticket is Upper level, Block L overlooking the penalty area at the away end of the ground. I'll need to hand over the ticket in Sheffield before the end of Wednesday evening, but I can be flexible about the location.
  7. It's understandable that you don't remember me. I don't post comments about the football, because I don't think I have the knowledge to add anything useful. I have only posted when I had tickets to offer. I have, though, viewed Owlsonline most days over the last 12 years or so. For example, I witnessed the whole career of Mouse, from her mysterious arrival having been offended by another club, to her only visit to Hillsborough and the implausible encounter in the toilet at Sheffield Station, to her eventual decline and withdrawal into her mousehole. I'm not saying that being a messageboard viewer is any reason why anybody should help me to find a ticket. I hate to go cap in hand or rely on the kindness of strangers, but I thought it was worth risking this embarrassment this once; it was for a good cause.
  8. Admittedly I haven't had a lot of spare tickets, but my only way to pass them on is through Owlsonline. I don't / wouldn't post anywhere else. I can't quote chapter and verse for you in other cases, but I do remember an Owlsonline member took my two spare tickets for Wycombe at home on the last day of the 2011/12 season.
  9. If anybody has enough points (730? ) but won't be using them, I'd be very grateful for the opportunity to buy a Lincoln ticket (I need 3 altogether for an important family birthday). A generous contribution to your favourite charity (or to you !) would be willingly donated. I humbly acknowledge that there is no reason why I should benefit from your loyalty - I'm obviously not a regular poster here, although I read Owlsonline threads every day, and I have always sold my spare tickets through Owlsonline. Thank you.
  10. Can anybody help me to find a way to obtain tickets for the Lincoln game on October 22nd ? We have IDs with 500 priority points, which will be nowhere near enough for Lincoln's 2000 tickets. I am trying to organise a significant birthday celebration on that weekend. I have tried to find a "grey market" or even a black market without success. Is there a website that would deal these tickets ? Or a swap site amongst fans ? I don't usually want to support touts, but, just this once, I would be prepared to pay a very significant sum for 3 tickets . I could also offer 500 points (I know that doesn't have much power) for multiple other away games as a swap. Thank you.
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