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Bolton (A) Match Thread - Not as good as GermanOwl


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4 hours ago, Tylluan said:

Thing is Portsmouth, Ipswich, Peterborough, Plymouth (?) probably don't miss that chance so that's us 1-0 down instead of 1 up. They probably don't make that horrendous back pass, that started the build up for our first goal, or balloon that free kick, just before half time, into row z. 

We dodged a bullet or two, yesterday. We still made mistakes that would have been capitalised on by better teams. For some reason the play into our forward line isn't making them effective in their primary role. I joked yesterday that it must be a tactical master plan to make the opposition worry that much over our front line that they don't pick the holding midfielder or marauding wing back. But that's a worry. 

Hang on, Ty. I'm sure we spent the week before last being told on here how tough last week was going to be: away against Peterborough and Bolton.  Now there's a list of clubs shown that wouldn't have failed like Bolton did?  Have things changed 'cos we've beaten them, then: the first team to do so for fourteen games, was it?  (A bit like Groucho Marx not wanting to join any club that would let him be a member?)  And one of those teams that wouldn't have failed against us like Bolton is Peterborough, who did sod-all against us until our twerp volunteered for an early bath.  🙄

I appreciate and respect the professional's attitude of, look for anything that might go wrong and make sure it doesn't, but give us a bit of credit.  Anyone can miss a big chance, we see it regularly: see under 'Windass' yesterday.  😉   They're human beings, some of whom also play for Portsmouth, Ipswich, Peterborough, Plymouth (?).      Enjoy it for a bit.  🙂👍



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22 hours ago, Tylluan said:

Tee, I don't want Gregory to be a Nuhiu tribute act, with knock downs and hold up play outside the box. I want him forcing centre halves backwards then finding a bit of space and getting a shot away. 

The fact he's doing so much outside the box shows that, in general play, our middle 3 doesn't function as it should. If we're playing through the phases then Gregory and Windass shouldn't be part of it til it gets to the 18 yard line

I'm with you absolutely on that Ty, he's our number 9 as the song goes. And I'd like him to be that. But it can't be ignored that he's just a very good footballer.

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