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Taking the Knee to be restricted.

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I looked for an existing thread but couldn't find one, mods please delete or move as you see fit.


So the knee taking is to be downgraded, only used in certain games. So why would that be then? Has it served it's purpose, ran it's race, run out of steam?




Or is it due to the approaching World Cup? Where a symbol of resistance brought about by the death of a black male by a police officer cannot be used in a country that has built stadiums on the backs and deaths of workers, kept in conditions that have been tantamount to slavery, mainly black people having suffered as well. Some would say that taking the knee in Qatar is the exact place where it should have been taken.


As Oscar Wilde would have put it, "A moraliser is usually a hypocrite" and these people have it in spades.

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7 minutes ago, Germanbird said:

I used to love it in the beginning, but I fear that it is starting to lose its meaning.

Maybe it's better to stop it now before it becomes just a habit?

I guess we'll have to find new ways to fight racism.

It's the timing of its withdrawal that speaks volumes for me. 

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It became a simple gesture, the visibility of it early on IMO made an impact but the key was moving on from that and doing something more.

Maybe more club community partners introducing anti racism into schools, or other areas of their community work too, I know some did it; but it had to happen country wide.

and it didn’t 

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It should've been completely scrapped. In fact, it probably should never have been introduced in the first place. We already have the weekend(s) for Kick it Out each season.

It was tedious watching MotD every week and being lectured to by the commentator of the first game shown, who never failed to mention how the players were "continuing the fight against racism and discrimination of all kinds". I sat there thinking, "yawn. I heard you the first time over a year ago old chap. Now shut up and leave me in peace".

Let's concentrate on football. And leave the corrupt 'fundraisers' / activists to find some other way to purchase their eighth mansions.

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Has Stormzy given the first installment of his £10m pledge yet? I don't remember seeing any publicity shots of him opening community centres. 

Still hear him use the N word in his lyrics though. 

My 10 year old recently asked me what had happened to BLM. I told her there's no covid restrictions anymore so no need to break stay at home restrictions by 'protesting' therefore it's died on its arse. 

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I have never agreed with this gesture. It is ambiguous, and will never stop being so.  Some of the people who started it are black militants who want racial segregation, and basically an independent black part of the US, check out N.F.A.C or New Black Panthers for proof.  Yeah, nearly all the people doing it here see it as a general statement against racism or discrimination or prejudice or whatever.  But that is to a large extent because most of them are professional footballers, and generally fairly stupid.  The bottom line is there are plenty of other gestures that could be made to show opposition to all racial prejudice, that are not associated with paramilitary black militants who glorify and advocate  domestic terrorism.  Linking arms etc.

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