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Season ticket refused 😳 discuss

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1 hour ago, Tylluan said:

The Trust 'board' unilaterally (it wasn't voted on) published a how to guide for those that wanted it but kept caveating that it wasn't saying you should take this path, but here's the paperwork anyway.

But like the Martin Lewis website giving you access to all sorts of forms to challenge judgements but saying it's up to you if you want to use them. 

Thanks for that, so they laid the groundwork for people who wanted to take that route.

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Let’s work this one through.  People who could afford to fork out £500 for something end up so desperate to get back about a quarter of that money that they take an institution that is apparently close to their hearts to the small claims court.  Hhhm.  Yep I think fuck off is the correct response.

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On 29/07/2022 at 08:38, HappyOwl said:

Think he's just been on radio Sheffield asking Statton if he can try to contact the club on the matter, says if the club would have contacted his son and asked him to take a credit he would have, why the fuck didn't he do that in the first place like others did, ****.

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