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Who’s having the match thread?? Looks like me. - Sunderland away leg

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23 hours ago, Reesh said:

Bannan wasnt fit, shown by Mass being the most forward playing midfielder. 

Mistakes made today but 1 nowt is not the end of the world. Ref was average. 

Neil has them defensively solid but that last 25 mins must worry them, they did a Wednesday and dropped deeper than a Fred West burial

Agree regarding Bannan. Was obvious to me within the first 5 mins that he wasn’t fully fit. Was staggered that he wasn’t hooked and Dele-Bashiru put on on his place. And Berahino was just awful and no help to Gregory whatsoever. On the upside, Sunderland were mediocre and definitely beatable on Monday…but only with our strongest, fully-fit team.

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10 hours ago, KrolMong said:

I didn’t watch it live, but did watch it back this morning. The plan was clearly to contain and quieten the crowd and then try and step on the gas second half.

We almost succeeded, but for the bad mistake from Hutch. That lifted them and we got a battering up to about the 70 minute mark when they should have secured Wembley. They created and missed several good chances, we couldn’t cope with the press and tempo, we were stretched. But we did do the dirty things with blocks and headers.

And as others have said, we did get stronger and we looked half decent for the last 15. 

You could almost say that we succeeded with the plan.

Mondays message is very clear for us, we’ve got to win the game and the team has to reflect that.


Storey, Dean, Hutch

Hunt, Bannan, Luongo, Dele, Johnson

Windass, Gregory

Sunderland are in an awkward spot because they are in a halfway situation. Do they have a go? Do they sit in? Whereas we have to get after them.

I think it’s a next goal winner tie. If we score and score early, I can see a very easy night. If they score early, I can see us collapsing.

Not  playing Byers?

It'd be FDB or Adeniran in place of BB for me based on Friday 



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