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Strange selections.


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Well It is late on a Saturday, early Sunday actually (clocks go back I know) and I've had a few  but I got to thinking about team selections and the thinking behind it all.

Dawson and Vasquez? I think this selection is spot on, Dawson deserves it at the moment.

Left RB? Where's Palmer? I'm of the opinion Pol has great potential going forward but is hopeless defending. That is a general observation and not focused on the monumental mess up of the other night, we've all been there in one shape or form.

Ihiekwe- What's he done wrong? Really can't understand this one.

Barnard- Same as Ihiekwe, don't understand.

Byers? OK, he's got the shirt recently but there's been a few times where he really should have been included, certainly over the likes of Hendricks. In my opinion Hendricks is going through the motions of being an older pro on loan whereas Byers has an emotional attachment to the club.

Sad to say, Smith and Gregory. what's the point? I've always been against introducing the young un's too early but surely now is the time. Don't get me wrong, I love both these lads to bits, but when I watch them run it's like they're running through treacle. We have quicker and better on the bench/youth.


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I’d leave Pol in, he adds more going forward and now even more so.

Bernard, he’s the one that mystifies me more, he’s been one of the brightest lights in a dull start. BUT…. There is the argument his travelling around the world to play for his country hampers his chances somewhat, jet lag etc.

Ihiekwe was good against Huddersfield and I do think he’s better than Bambo. 

I’m a big fan of Byers, he’s got a bit of everything. But he wasn’t good at all in midweek, he looks off the pace (yeah maybe a few do) and his decision making has been erratic. That error which lead to the third goal the other night highlighted it.

As for the strikers. Smith and Gregory would be much better if the ball is pinged into them in the box. They get into decent positions, although LG wasn’t as predatory in midweek as we’ve seen previously. Smith in particular is a penalty area player and not much else. Not slagging him off either, he’s a striker, play to his strength. Not channel running.

But we need a top quality forward, someone who is Championship ready, not was Championship ready, to push us on up top. As Wednesday night showed, we had the chances to lead, and maybe it could have been a different outcome if we had. 

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