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Jocks v England

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16 minutes ago, Andyben said:

Come on Scotland.

That fraud prick saying he won't play Foden central because Pep doesn't, but plays Trippier at left back, maddison on a wing and Kalvin Phillips full stop.

I fucking hate him

Kiss of death.

Sorry Jocks.

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6 minutes ago, Owling_Wolf said:

Am watching t.v. game at home currently...
**Cooker alarm sounds**
Serving dinner up in kitchen: "GOOOAL!!!"
Nipped into lounge and watched replays of England first goal. Scoots back in kitchen: picks veg pan up...  "GOOOAL!!"

GRR!!!!!  🤬

Fuck off back to the kitchen then, its good to see the sweaties getting hammered 

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12 hours ago, KrolMong said:

That own goal summed up Harry Maguire’s time.

He drops off 5 yards deeper than the rest of his back four and opens up the left side of the back four, he then stabs a lazy toe at the subsequent cross and it goes in.

Sunday league weren't it? He looked like a player who hasn't played, bit shitty of Southgate to keep playing him, not really fair on either him or the rest of the team.

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2 hours ago, Andyben said:

He didn't start, but never easy coming off the bench.

Lets not forget he's one of us...

2 young CB's sat on the bench that he could have sent on for the experience.  What could Southgate possibly learn by putting HM on?

I'm no fan of HM but his manager did him absolutely no favours last night.

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He’s on a hiding to nothing. He’s going to get game time at United because of the injuries to the other three center halves meaning that it’s him and Jonny Evans. The likelihood is that Man Utd will be weaker as a result which adds fire to the scapegoat element Maguire is facing.

He has GOT to leave OT in Jan, he’s not going to get into a top 6 team, as those days have gone, but a team like West Ham, Forest? That’s a good move for him.

If him and Philips are not playing regularly by November. I don’t want them anywhere near an England squad. And Henderson should now be done.


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On the subject of hidings to nothing, not sure it was the right game for the Jocks. Been on a decent run, but got so badly outplayed that first half even their fans went silent. Be a shame if it derailed their qualification for the Euros...

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I said something similar to a work colleague the other day Mr Otto.

Along the lines of, "we've been on a decent run, stupid game to play, and don't really want to lose 0-6 or whatever because it could ruin the momentum."

Also said the European qualification situation, as it stands, is like being 3-0 up in a penalty shootout. Not many teams could fuck it up from there... 🤔🙁

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