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Tyke trouble?

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Ahmed has form on this. Last season he pulled Barnsley out of a friendly with Watford, after Watford had sold tickets, and next thing you know Barnsley are playing a Man City youth team. 

Barnsley were supposed to play Blackburn at Oakwell on the 22nd but it's now behind closed doors at another venue. There's rumours that they've failed to secure a safety certificate for the coming season 

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It's come out that Collins wants to play a squad assessment game mixing the first team up with the kids. 

Now the loans have gone back they're about 8 players down on last season's squad 

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33 minutes ago, HappyOwl said:

Massive own goal this for Barnsley 


Stuff like that happens more than it’s reported. 
People who are close to clubs as volunteers and have been for years, and are part of the fabric of clubs are cast aside. That’s when the clubs can lose the soul of who they are, what they represent and the community they’re supposed to be a part of.

Meanwhile those in charge can be blind to it. 

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I remember in his post final interview Duff said there was always a team that struggled after losing a PO final or the playoffs generally. It wasn’t the most effective rallying cry so perhaps he knew what was coming 

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