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London Calling - Charlton away match thread.

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This is so comfortable. They are a shadow of the side that gave us a game at Hillsborough

I don't think they've had an attempt at goal, let alone a shot. Defensively they are all over the place

Score another and this should be an easy away win.


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So far so good.

Im a little concerned about the number of bookings we have accumulated. DM may have to make some changes so our midifield can put their foot in when needed.

I can see Charlton getting a goal, so we might need another to win this, particularly if our players have to be careful with tackles.

Im wondering whether Gregory might be more effective in the 2nd half holding the ball up as the game goes on

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The two wing backs for Charlton are the weak links. We just need to keep throwing Palmer and Brown in behind them.

We need a second. Whilst Charlton have not offered anything, they will have a spell, and a second will kill this off. The rate we have been creating chances, more will come. It’s a little annoying that the good chances have fallen to defenders and midfield players, and not Windass and Smith.

We just need to keep the tempo up, try and avoid cards, and we will win.

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4-0 wouldn’t have flattered us at HT. Hung on at times in the second half but again that’s a game we would have draw or even gone on to lose 2-1.

There is an inner belief there now that gives us resilience.

Great 3 points on the road again. Surely we won’t blow this now.


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It was a very good display. Yep, should have been further ahead than 1-0 at half time. But, their only proper chance of the second half came from the only mistake that Famewo made. They huffed and puffed, but Wednesday always looked in control. Dawson did well, and yes, he made two stops. But they were the type of saves that he’d have been annoyed if they’d have gone in.

The only slight gripe I had was that for 20 mins we bypassed the midfield and it did come back at us. But, we reverted back to normal for the last 15 and got control back.

No bad displays at all. Some very good ones though, Flint, Iorfa and Famewo were excellent. Vaulks and Byers were very good. Windass was a threat all day. Liam Palmer was very good.

Barry Bannan was outstanding today, he put on a passing master class all afternoon and he was a joy to watch. He caused absolute havoc in that inside left position at times just by dropped in behind Clare, and hitting diagonals. He could have should have scored as well.

Tough one next week against Peterborough. But, we are inching closer to promotion.

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